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L4 Releases SWAG Diesel Site

We were happy to get the project and released our new SWAG Diesel website make-over.  The company wanted to have a fully functional E-Commerce solution that also displayed their shop and new location.  The site features a modern web design with full shopping cart and sorting features unique to their diesel line of products.




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The new SWAG Diesel uses the latest WP EasyCart shopping software developed here in house by the L4 Development team and showcases the many different levels of detail that can be leveraged for products and selling goods.  If interested in the WP EasyCart system, you can view our website for more information.

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DirectSong SkyRim

Level Four has had a great partnership with Directsong, who develops music for the video and video game industry.  Directsong began with a need to have a strong Flash based site with integrated music players for their soundtracks.  Soon the partnership blossomed into  the development of their site for the launch of their SkyRim soundtrack which sold internationally and with great success.

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Launched on May 20th, 2012, Level Four Development was happy to help a local company upgrade to a WordPress site in which they can keep fresh and updated. Before Level Four came to the rescue, they were struggling to keep simple links updated through an old developer. Now they have full control over all their content and pages, and so far are very happy.

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Eastern Oregon Homes

In late 2011 Level Four Development launched this site for a local company using a real estate theme from and WordPress. With some small customizations we were able to get the client up and running. She has been using the site and the useful backend features since then, noting that it is easy to use, and was quick to get setup.

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Level Four Development began working with TeamCME in February of 2012 and will be launching a cell phone app for drivers to find physicians to get physicals and drug tests. This app is build using the Adobe AIR framework and published for the Android Phone platform and the iPhone. The app finds the driver’s current location, then shows them options to get Physicals or Drug/Alcohol testing. Drivers can also create accounts and add custom locations as well as their last physical date if they choose. In addition, we added a simple cron job to send drivers reminders if they need to renew their physical.

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Happy Canyon

Happy Canyon is an old western show performed in Pendleton Oregon each night after the World Renowned Pendleton Round-Up. They had us build their site back in 2010 and have continued to maintain it over the years.

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The History Press

The History Press became a client of MATTCORLEY.BIZ (now part of Level Four Development) back in 2009. Last August they launched the new HTML storefront, a prelude to the HTML5 storefront now available at The History Press sells historical non-fiction books from all over the country. Their version of the store is implemented into the WordPress platform, allowing them unlimited control of their extra pages.

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Level Four SIS

This project started in early 2012 and is known as Level Four SIS  or GEARS. GEARS is a software package designed to help students move from class to class during a study hall or tutorial session. To learn more visit the GEARS site.

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Level Four Storefront

This project started in 2006 and we have continued to improve and expand ever since. In May, 2012, we launched our new HTML5 version.

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